Attendee Mobile App

Getting the Mobile App

Once you have your ticket bought, flight and hotel booked. The next thing you can do to prepare for Comms vNext is download the Just Attend app. Just Attend is our conference platform and the mobile app is the easiest way to find information about the conference.

To Download the Mobile app for iOS: Just Attend on Apple App Store

To Download the Mobile app for Android: Just Attend on Google Play


Useful things in the Mobile App

Check-in and Badging: When you arrive at Comms vNext you’ll need to visit Check-in and print your badge to wear while at the conference. Many people come to check-in and are fumbling through their e-mail looking for the QR code or they try to lookup their name by entering it in, but why do that when you can scan a handy dandy QR code in the Mobile App under “My Ticket”. 

View Sessions and Add to your Agenda: Want an easy way to view all of the sessions, who is speaking, and what the session is about? The Mobile App has you covered with a complete view of what is going on at Comms vNext. It is also easy to add a session to your Agenda by touching the calendar icon in the upper left. Not only will it be added to your agenda, you will also get a calendar invite in your email.

View the Exhibitors: We simply could not create Comms vNext each year unless we had amazing sponsors. Most of the sponsors will have booths you can visit, but some you can only find on our website or in the mobile app. Many of the things you enjoy at Comms vNext like amazing coffee in the morning or meals and snacks would not be there with gracious support of sponsors that pay for them. Take a look at all the sponsors in the Mobile App and you can explore what they have to offer and even reach out with a message to them if you want.

Share Contact Information: One of the lesser known features is the ability to share your contact information with another attendee. Simply go in to Share Contacts and look up the person by name and select the icon to Share your contact card with them.

Event Information: This year we plan to use a new feature of the Mobile App and provide more information about the conference right at your fingertips. Things like a floor plan and wi-fi info will definitely be there and whatever else we dream up that might be useful.

Session Feedback: Our speakers spend a lot of time putting together the content for a session. Sometimes it’s spending a lot of their own time doing research on how to best accomplish something, or maybe it’s hard won knowledge from being in the trenches helping Microsoft customers with their solutions. The point is they love feedback and the best way you can give it to them is by adding their session to your Agenda and then giving feedback in the Mobile App when prompted. Also, at the end of the event there is a chance to provide feedback on Comms vNext in general. We love to hear what your experience is like and especially if we can do something to make it better (yes, we know… always more churros). This is one of the best ways to help us and our speakers to know what your experience was like at Comms vNext.