What makes Comms vNext different?

Comms vNext is an independent, Community-led event, created
and fashioned with the Community in mind.

Comms vNext focuses on the Microsoft Teams ecosystem, especially around communications and collaboration technologies. The majority of our speakers come from the community itself, who typically share their knowledge from day-to-day experiences helping their own organizations or customers.

Comms vNext is a IN-PERSON event. Although we record the sessions and post them after the event, we do not provide a hybrid experience options because we are passionate about being a place where the community can meet, connect and share their knowledge. Being an IN-PERSON event also gives our attendees and sponsors an opportunity to connect face-to-face in our exhibit hall and let attendees experience the hardware and solutions that our sponsors have available.

Put simply. Comms vNext is an event that you can’t afford to miss.